While there are some people who are born without wisdom teeth, the rest of us have to deal with them sooner or later. As you start to get out of your teens, your wisdom teeth generally begin coming in and pushing the rest of the teeth forward, and have the potential to ruin any orthodontic work that you may have done in the past. This, among others, is a good reason for you to get your wisdom teeth out and to avoid any other dental problems that might occur Doc V Lee.

While many people notice that their wisdom teeth are coming in by seeing them appear, many other people on know they are coming in because of symptoms and infections. If the wisdom teeth are not able to come in properly than you may find that a portion of the gums still layers over the tooth. This can cause bits of food and other bacteria to get in under the flap of gums. If it is left there for a certain amount of time then that part of the mouth can begin to swell and a small infection called pericoronitis can occur. This is most common among the wisdom teeth on the lower jaw and is one of the major reasons why people get their wisdom teeth out.

Aside from this painful symptom, there are actually a number of other reasons why you should get your wisdom teeth out. Many times, the teeth are blocked from fully coming in by other teeth or by the bone. These teeth are considered to be “impacted” and can start causing some pain. Sometimes, these impacted teeth don’t cause any pain at all but still can be potentially harmful to the overall hygiene of your mouth. Some of these things include decay, crowding, damage, and infection in your mouth. You can also start to develop some gum problems if you are not careful.

Some of the more serious issues to occur include cysts which are fluid filled growths. If these growths are left unattended, they may even cause some permanent damage to your bones and to your teeth. Sometimes, these cysts can even turn into more harmful growths if nothing is done to contain them.