Longboarding has come a long way and in the beginning you did not have a lot to choose from. The selection was very limited. Nowadays you have many shapes and styles and each style has its own characteristics simple longboards for kids.

Choosing a board is not easy, so if you are a beginner and looking for a board, you find yourself in a choosing war. Which shape do I need? If you find yourself in this situation, it might help to know something about a special board: The pintail longboard. This board has a narrow tail and a small nose.

The pintail longboard is a board for everybody. Whether you are a beginner or advanced longboarder, surfer or snowboarder, old or young, you can always ride on it. It is an all around crowd pleaser.

They are wider in the front and it narrows in the back. They often twist when you have your weight in the front. The pintail shape gives your more leverage. Carving and cruising is great with this board. Pintail longboards tend to be the most popular around beginner longboarders since this shape is commonly available and they got a nice large foot platform. It is the most classic longboard out there and simple. They do not have the funky cut outs like a lot of other boards. A pintail longboard is shaped like this so the wheels do not though the board. The board doesn’t need cutouts or “wheel bites” like other boards have as the wheels are on the outside of the board.

The pintail can tackle all terrains from hills to boardwalks. They are awesome campus cruisers. You will never be late to your class.

From big to small you find them all. Pintail boards come in different sizes with a starting range of a small 33 inches and up to 50 inch and longer. The most common pintail size is between 39 and 42 inches. Longer boards will provide more stability with higher speed, in fact the longer the board the more stable you will feel, but they cannot turn as fast as a shorter board. On the other hand, shorter boards are easier to carry in your backpack. Which length you choose depends on your preference. Most pintails are made out of 7 to 9 plies of maple.